What is dog boarding?

Local Pet Dog KennelDog boarding is like a hotel for pets (a pet hotel) managed by a veterinarian or a specialized pet boarding kennels.  This allows pet owners to drop off their dogs for a period of time while the owner is away. During this time the dogs are fed, walked, and cared for by the kennel employees who are accountable for having the dogs be healthy and happy. Boarding facilities may offer other pet services such as doggie day care, long term boarding, grooming, dog spa, training, and general veterinary care. 

Some kennels provide high-end accommodations and personalized care, for a price.  Most of the basic kennels have a dog run, provide regular feeding and water.  They also monitor your pet for possible medical issues.  Veterinarians can offer boarding for animals allowing them to handle pets with special needs including the administration of pharmaceutical medications.

Doggie Day Care!

Doggie day care and pet day care facilities are common in most major cities. These facilities are located in downtown areas convenient to some large companies with employees who will use the service.  Some companies offer doggie day care for their employees so they can bring their dogs to work with them.  Pet day cares sometimes offer training and grooming while the pet is in their care.

Pet Camp!

Yes, there is now Pet Camp!  A place where your dog can play while you’re at work.  Pets are, after all, just another member of the family!  These pet camps have parks and places for your pet to play and socialize all day long.  

Local Pet CampDog boarding is not just a place to drop your K-9 off for the day, it represents a place for your dog to live an enriched life.  Dogs sometimes have it better than their human counter part.  Remember, however, that your dog will miss you too.  Leave them with items from your home to remind your pet that they are not abandoned and that you’ll be coming back for them soon.  When leaving your pet at a facility, don’t make a big deal of it.  Introduce them to other pets, and let them get socialized before you leave.  Don’t say goodbye to a pet, they may take it the wrong way…