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El Cajon is one of San Diego’s beautiful neighborhoods.  Pets are found everywhere and are much more common than they were just a few years ago.  Your pet deserves the best pet care anywhere.

Dog and a Cat on GrassPet Boarding

Boarding  in El Cajon is necessary for those who travel away from the beautiful San Diego County area.  You will want to be very selective about where you leave your loved ones while you are gone. Kennels vary wildly in their services, reputation, and comfort for your pet. In the hot San Diego inland summers, make certain your pet is going to be in an air conditioned facility, while still having access to playing outdoors.  

 Things to look for in a kennel include; private rooms, walking schedules, and the food they provide. You want to know all of these things before you leave your pet for an extended stay. It is also important to make reservations at  your local kennel because if you’re thinking of traveling, others may be thinking about traveling too. Holidays are especially busy at pet hotels so make sure you have a place for your loved ones. 

Pet Training

El Cajon is a pet-friendly neighborhood.  Make sure your pet behaves around both other people, and pets!  This will allow you to take your furry friend wherever you go.  Enjoy the friendly warm environment of El Cajon with your pet, after they have been properly socialized.


Pet health starts with proper grooming.  When your pet has long hair, it can get matted and thick.  This does not work when they go play in the water, or with other dogs in the park.  Pets are also susceptible to bugs such as ticks and fleas.  Long hair protects those bugs in a mated environment.  In summer months, it is important to keep your pets hair short.  In the winter, outside of flea and tick season, you can let their hair go longer to keep them warm.  Your groomer can help you choose the right length of hair for every season.  

Keeping your pet groomed means more than just the right haircut.  Your pet also needs their nails trimmed, their teeth brushed, and other services a groomer may choose to offer.  Find out what other health maintenance services your groomer offers the next time you’re in the salon.

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