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Groves in Modesto CAModesto Pets are the best!  Being in the farm area, we know the importance of having a good dog at our side.  Both dogs and cats are necessary for proper functioning of a farm.  Cats manage the small rodents, dogs manage the larger animals.  

Dog Training

Your dog needs to be well trained to manage living in Modesto.  Having a well-trained dog means being able to be free when you leave the home and travel outside your current comfort zone.  Dogs can also be used for hunting small game, and returning it to the house if necessary.

Pet Boarding

Boarding Modesto is necessary for when you’re traveling out of town.  Mostly, you’ll need a good kennel when you need to leave your dog overnight.  Make sure to visit your boarding facility before you leave.  You will probably have to have your dog interviewed by the kennel before you bring them for their stay.  Your dog will need to get along with other dogs, or the kennel cannot take your dog overnight.  Boarding is a social event, and if your dog isn’t socialized, they will have to find other accommodations.

Pet Grooming

Grooming Modesto is different than other major metropolitan areas.  It gets hot out here!  We need our pets to be well groomed, with short hair during the summer months, and medium hair in the winter.  No matter the season, your pet needs the right amount of hair to be comfortable, and not hot.  They can also look good if your groomer can cut their hair appropriately for their breed. 

Modesto Dog saves Home

You can also see the Modesto Veterinary.  

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