What Is Pet Grooming?

A groomer is a dog or a cat caretaker who manages a pet’s hair, nails, teeth and overall hygiene. They will wash, brush, trim, and style your pet’s hair or fur.  They will clip the pet’s nails and inspect their teeth for decay.  Groomers may offer to brush your pet’s teeth.  They may relieve your dog by managing their anal glands.

There are generally 2 types of pet groomers; dog and cat.  Some groomers provide grooming to both dogs and cats, and most specialize in one or the other.

Dog Grooming

Brown Dog Shampoo GroomingProfessional dog groomers will use different hair cutting tools and techniques to groom various sizes and breeds of dogs.  Groomers must be able to manage the pet, as well as having an artful salon style skillset to trim your pet’s hair and leave them looking great.  They must be talented at providing a safe and comfortable environment for their canine clients.

Many people rely on the skills of an experienced dog groomer to pamper their pets. A grooming professional usually asks a client how they would like their animal to be groomed, and relies on previous experience to care for each dog accordingly. Most dogs can be bathed and trimmed in less than an hour.  Certain dog breeds, added services, and client requests may extend a grooming session much longer.

Groomers can be found in:

  • Specialized doggy salons
  • Veterinary practices
  • Kennels
  • Doggie daycare centers
  • Pet supply stores
  • Mobile grooming vans

 What to expect 

 Your groomer will provide various services. The first will be to gently handle your pet and place them in either a holding pen or their own personal cage. Then, they dog will be washed. This will typically be done in a  large sink or tub. Your groomer will use dog-friendly shampoo.   Sometimes, your dog will also receive conditioner.  Finally, all the soap and conditioner will be removed in a doggy rinse. This leaves your pet prepared for the next stage in their grooming experience. 

 After your pet has dried, they will require a good brushing. Sometimes of brushings is just to untangle hair, and other times it is to remove unwanted layers of matted hair. 

 It’s cutting time 

 Every dog needs a different type of haircut. Small hair dogs  require much more precision than a large hairy dog.  for some  dogs, shears may be the best for and even trim.   And others will require scissors.   After your dog’s hair has been cut, they will often times have their nails trimmed. Long nails can scratch, and short need nails are easier to manage. 

 Dog grooming extras 

 Additional services your groomer may offer include brushing their teeth, and expressing their anal glands. 

 Dogs need dental hygiene too! That’s why it is so important for you to have your dogS teeth brushed.  You should bring your dog to the groomer is a good second option for periodic hygiene care.

 It is highly recommended to take your up on the offer to express your dog’s anal glands. If your dog is rubbing their butt on the ground, this may mean that their glands are backed up. This simple procedure will relieve your hat and have them living a happier healthier life. 

Groomer Training

A new dog groomer generally learns how to groom through informal training sessions with experienced groomers. They may work as an assistant, helping to control animals, washing dogs, sanitizing equipment, cleaning the facility, and setting appointments.

Licensed Groomers

No state licenses pet groomers but several states are writing bills that may require groomers to be licensed. Right now, however, people can just get a book, a pair of scissors, and a clipper and call themselves a pet groomer.  Make sure your decision is to work with a licensed groomer when possible.

Despite the lack of regulation around licensing, new groomers sometimes choose to become certified or licensed.  They complete an accredited grooming certification program. In the United States, the National Dog Groomers Association offers certification to individuals who complete a short program and pass a written examination. Becoming certified is not usually a requirement for employment, though it can help new groomers improve their knowledge with credentials and provide more job opportunities.

When choosing a groomer,  look for a person with experience in the trade and a compassionate personality. It is essential your pet is made to feel as comfortable as possible during the  grooming process, to ensure their safety and well-being. Therefore, he or she must be highly aware of the needs of each dog and be able to recognize warning signs that they are uncomfortable. The most successful groomers are the ones who truly care for each dog and cater to their needs throughout the process.