Brooklyn Veterinary

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Well trained pets can be taken for a walk out on the streets to interact with other people and pets.  They allow you the peace of mind that you won’t get sued by someone your pet decides they don’t like.  

Day Care

Dog in the city under a fenceWhen working, you need to leave your pet with someone who can take care of them.  We provide the best day care services in Brooklyn, allowing you to go to work knowing your furry roomate is happy and healthy.  Bring your dog in for their intake interview long before you decide to leave them with us for the day.  We cannot accept pets who have not been interviewed first.  We make sure the environment is right for both you, and your pet.


When you need more than Day Care, contact us for pet boarding.  Our Brooklyn Kennel will take care of your pet while you’re away.  


Grooming your pet in Brooklyn is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have.  Poorly quaffed pets stand out, in a bad way.  How many times have you had your dog overgrown and taken them out for a walk, only to see that yours is the mangiest on the street?  Don’t let this happen to you. Your pet is a direct reflection of you and your lifestyle.  Have them look as good as your life.


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