Buffalo Pet Care


A white husky dog in the snowYour Buffalo Dog Training expert has your back!  We will train your dog to be well behaved.  Your dog will appreciate you for having clear lines of a relationship to work within.  Ensuring your pet knows what to do helps them to know where they stand in your family, and their pack.  


Boarding in Buffalo is required if you are going out of town.  Leave your pet with us, and leave with peace of mind.  We will keep your furry friends comfortable and social with other pets in the kennel.  When you leave your pet, make sure to leave them with one of their favorite toys so they are connected to your eventual return, even while they frolic with other pets!


While your pet may want all of their protective fur through the winter months, summer time brings its own set of temperature monitoring issues.  Bring your faithful friend in for a summer cut, so they can survive the warmer temperatures comfortably.  Don’t worry about the winter coat coming off, it always grows back.  In winter months, you still want to stop by and have your pet’s nails trimmed.  It is more difficult for nails to be trimmed in winter months without access to hard pavement to file them down while your pet is walking.  Your pet will also need their anal glands expressed even when it’s cold out.

Doggy Day Care


Your Buffalo Veterinary is the place to find all of your pet vet needs.  We manage your pet’s health so you don’t have to worry.  Bring your pet in for their annual (or preferably semi-annual) check up so we can detect issues before they become problems.  We also manage their vaccinations, and have a spay and neuter service to keep the number of stray animals down.