Dog Training 

Training your dog is a critical part of your life with your pet.  A well-trained dog can make the difference between a happy family and home, and total destruction.  A trained pet allows you the freedom to take your loved one with you with you to pet-friendly; restaurants, parks, beaches, hotels, flights, and travels.  A trained pet reduces stress for you, your family, and your dog.

The Right Dog

Pug Puppy Looking Very CuteChoose the right dog for your life, lifestyle, and home.  If you live in a small apartment, don’t get a Great Dane.  If you live on a ranch, don’t get a Chiwawa.  If you’re allergic to dogs, don’t get a fur dog.  And, if you’re family likes calm and relaxation, don’t get a yappy dog.  If you have small children, be very careful which breed you bring home to them.

Schedule Time

To train and then keep your pet trained, you will need to put in the time.  That means consistent time on a regular basis with your furry friend.  Dogs need to be reminded the training you’re giving them so it sticks.  If you don’t schedule time to work with your pet, they will likely return to their normal behavior.  Bad behavior is developed outside of your scheduled training. 

Remain Calm

When spending time with your pet, it is important to remain calm and collected.  Dogs mirror your behavior.  If you are agitated, it will impact your training.  Remember, you’re there to reinforce good behavior, and to punish bad behavior. Stick to it, it will be worth it in the end.


Make sure to reward good behavior right away.  Dog’s don’t understand long-term causality, that a reward given 20 minutes after an event was for that event.  Dogs learn very fast.  Rewarding on the spot reinforces that exact behavior.