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Grooming in Tyler

 Your pet loves being properly groomed as much as you do. To your dog, a good haircut with a professional groomer me more than just looking good.  When returning from the groomer, your pet may have had his Eagle glands relieved, his nails trimmed and so he can walk without pain, and he might have the eye boogers removed from his eyes.   All this means your dog will be happier, and healthy year which is good for them both ways,  looking great and feeling great. 

Pet Boarding in Tyler Tx

Dog in a field of flowersYour dog will like going to the kennel as much as you like traveling to a foreign land and staying in a hotel. It’s an adventure!  Just like you, they get to be with dogs they’ve never met before,  and do things they don’t  normally do , like play in a pack.  Make sure to take your dog to kennel for an interview before you drop them off. Sometimes dogs don’t do well with other dogs, or in specific environments such as pet hotels.  Check to see what kind of amenities your dog border has so you can prepare your pet for their stay.  Pack something like their favorite chew toy for their journey away. It will help them to know that you are coming back for them.

Pet Training in Tyler

A well-trained pet allows you much more freedom in the world. If your dog is well-trained, it may even save their life! Imagine if your dog knew not to run into the street because they were trained not to do so. That may mean the difference between life and for your pet.  While most training doesn’t have that for you, a well-trained will wait for you at the street corner.  It will drain will not beg at the table. The well-trained dog will give and receive love from you.

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